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Rio Tinto pays $6.6 billion in taxes globally in 2018

JAKARTA (RambuEnergy) – Rio Tinto has paid US$6.6 billion of taxes and royalties globally in 2018, up from $5.1 billion in 2017. The report also outlines Rio Tinto’s direct economic contribution of $42.8 billion during 2018.

Australia accounted for the largest portion of the taxes and royalties paid ($4.8 billion), with significant amounts also paid in Canada ($386 million), Chile ($332 million), the United States ($331 million), Mongolia ($308 million), Europe ($146 million) and Africa ($132 million).

“The taxes we pay to national, regional and local governments are an important element of the contribution we make to the societies in which we operate. Our payments enable various governments to provide essential services to communities and to invest for the future,” Rio Tinto chief financial officer Jakob Stausholm said.

“Our overall contribution is far broader than the taxes and royalties we pay, including direct investment in communities, job creation and significant investments with suppliers. In 2018 alone, Rio Tinto’s direct economic contribution globally was $42.8 billion, including payments to 37,000 suppliers in over 120 locations.”

Since Rio Tinto voluntarily published its first Taxes paid report in 2010, the company has paid $63.0 billion of taxes and royalties globally of which $45.8 billion was paid in Australia. (*)

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