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Wind power development starts to gain ground in Indonesia

JAKARTA (RambuEnergy) – Indonesia is starting to push the development of wind power energy in the country after a slow start. For so long, this wind energy has been undeveloped, partly due to unfavorable tariff as well as high cost to develop it.

According to the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry data, there are currently 24 wind-farm (PLTB) that are being developed across the country by the Independent Power Producer (IPP), including PLTB Sidrap with installed capacity of 75 MW. Sidrap has been started its commercial operation on July 2, 2018.

Of these 23 PLTB projects, some are under construction, few are in the process of negotiation over power purchase agreement (PPA) with the state electricity company PLN, while others are being in initial development (feasibility study).

“There are currently 1,725 MW of PLTB being developed in the country, starting from planning phase through to construction phase,” said the Head of Communication Bureau of the Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry Agung Pribadi.

Among PLTB that is being constructed is PLTB Tolo and PLTB Jeneponto (72 MW and PLTB Sukabumi (10 MW).

Among wind farm that are in initial phase (feasibility study) are:

– PLTB Sukabumi (170 MW),
– PLTB Lebak in Banten (150 MW)
– PLTB Pandeglang (150 MW)
– PLTB Tanah Laut (90 MW) in East Kalimantan
– PLTB Sidrap Phase II (75 MW),
– PLTB Sidrap Phase III (200 MW)
– PLTB Selayar (5 MW) in South Sulawesi Selatan,
– PLTB Buton (15 MW) in Southeast Sulawesi
– PLTB Kupang (2X10 MW),
– PLTB Sumba Timur (3 MW) in East Nusa Tenggara
– PLTB Ambon (15 MW),
– PLTB Kei Kecil (5 MW),
– PLTB Saumlaki (5 MW) in Maluku,
– PLTB Gunung Kidul (10 MW)
– PLTB Belitung Timur (10 MW),
– PLTB Garut (10 MW)
– PLTB Timor Tengah Selatan (20 MW)
– PLTB antul (50 MW).

Agung said more favorable regulatory environment has encouraged investors to invest in the development of wind-farm in Indonesia. The development of wind power, he said, will help the government’s drive to achieve the target of 23% of renewable energy in the national energy mix by 2025. (*)

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