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Indonesia hopes to install 1.8 GW of wind power by 2025

Sidrap Wind Farm in South Sulawesi (Photo credit : ESDM)

JAKARTA ( – The Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry is stepping up efforts to increase the installed capacity of the country’s wind power as the current capacity is still far below target. Currently, there is only 1.1 MW of wind power installed across the country or 0.0002% of the potential capacity of 60.6 GW, showing that the wind power has been so far neglected.

That could change once the pioneer solar farm in Sidrap, South Sulawesi with an installed capacity of 75 MW will come into operation early next year.

The energy ministry said the government is trying to reach wind power capacity of 1.8 GW by 2025, in line with the set target. This is part of the aim to reach renewable energy share of 23% in the national energy mix by 2025.

Experts say wind power or wind farm is suitable in areas that have a wind speed of over 4 meters per second (m/s).

The energy ministry has identified a number of areas that have the potentiality for a wind farm, namely East Nusa Tenggara with a potential capacity of 10,188 MW, East Java, 7,907 MW, West Java 7,036 MW, Central Java 5,213 MW and South Sulawesi 4,193 MW.

Early next year, Indonesia is scheduled to have its first major solar power located in Sidrap, South Sulawesi, which is developed by PT UPC Sidrap Bayu Energy. The project has been developed since April 2016 with a total investment of US$150 million.

Once completed, the wind power could lighten up 80,000 households, assuming each household will get 900 VA. In the first phase, 75 MW of installed capacity will be in operation and 50 MW in the second phase. The electricity tariff purchased by the state electricity company PLN is set at US$7 cent/kWh.

The other solar farm will be PLTB Jeneponto with installed capacity fo 65 MW, which is currently developed by PT Energi Bayu Jeneponto. The next wind farm projects will be in South Kalimantan to be developed by PT Tala Alam Baru, as well as PLTB Tanah Laut with a capacity of 75 MW, which is expected to come onstream in 2019.

Indonesia is currently working with other countries to develop the wind farm, including EU countries which have successfully developed a wind farm.

Project Highlight:

  • Project Name : Sidrap Wind Farm
  • Developer       : PT UPC Sidrap Bayu Energi
  • Investment     : US$150 million
  • Installed capacity: 75 MW (first phase), 50 MW (second phase)
  • Project construction start : 2016
  • Completion    : H1 2018
  • Tower Tall      : 80 meters
  • Blader              : 57 meters
  • Total tall          : 137 meters(*)

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