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Bukit Asam, PLN, Malaysia’s TNB to revive 1200 MW Peranap mine mouth power plant

JAKARTA ( – State owned coal producer PT Bukit Asam Tbk said the company and its partners state electricity company PT Perusahaan Listrik negara (PLN) and Malaysia’s TNB will revive the Peranap mine mouth power plant with planned capacity of 800-1200 MW.

“PTBA together with PLN and TNB remains on track to develop the PLTU Mine Mouth with capacity of 800-1200 MW in Peranap, Riau,” Bukit Asam said in a statement, distributed at the an analyst meeting on Wednesday (Mar 16).

Arond 50% of the electricity from the power plant will be supplied to domestic market, in particular Riau and Medan, and the remaining 50% will be supplied to Malaysia.

The mega-scale mine mouth power plant will utilize the coal assets of Bukit Asam in Peranap, Riau province. “It is more effective to build mine mouth power plant, rather than transporting the coal elsewhere” Bukit Asam Finance Director Achmad Sudarto told

The power plant is projected to consume 8.4 million tons of coal per annum.

Based on the agreement of the three parties involved in the project, they will set up three joint venture firms. Bukit Asam will hold majority in the Peranap coal mining, while the two other partners will hold minority stake. In the power plant project, PLN will hold majority stake, while Bukit Asam and TNB hold minority stake.

In the transmission project that will link Peranap and Malaysia, TNB hold majority stake, while PLN and Bukit Asam will hold minority stake.

The Peranap Mine Mouth power plant has been revealed by PLN several years ago, with initial capacity of 1000-1200 MW, located in Indragiri Hulu, Riau. (*)

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