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Bhumi Jati Power prequalifies companies for coal procurement for Tanjung Jati B expansion

JAKARTA ( PT Bhumi Jati Power is inviting companies and consortium of companies holding valid permits or valid Coal Mining Business Contracts of Work to participate in the prequalification for the coal procurement for Tanjung Jati B Expansion (Jawa-4) Coal Fired Steam Power plant (2×1,000 MW).

The company sets indicative quantities of approximately 7 million metric tons of coal per annum in total, expected to commence in 2019.

The annual coal production of the coal companies is above 2.5 million tons per annum.

The interested parties should submit prequalification document at the latest of April 21, 2016.

Bhumi Jati Power is currently developing the 2,000-MW expansion of Tanjung Jati B in Central Java. The construction of the expansion project is carried out by a consortium of local heavy machinery and mining firm United Tractors and Japanese partners Sumitomo Corporation and Kansai Electric Power. (*)

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  1. Selamat dan sukses..selain jepara jadi kota ukir, Semoga jepara menjadi kota energy dan bisa turut serta dalam penyediaan listrik Nasional, tentunya saya sebagai warga jepara, khususnya putra daerah ring 1 turut merasakan dampak yang positif terutama dalam hal lapangan pekerjaan dan wirausaha yang timbul dari pembangunan tersebut. AMIEN

  2. Dear sirs,
    Could you please advise in regards to become approved vendor in pt, Bhumi Jati Powey.

    Many thanks.

    Warm regards,
    Indra Permadi

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