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Pre-trial verdict: declaration of Budi Gunawan by KPK as a suspect “invalid”

Budi Gunawan, national police chief candidate
Budi Gunawan, national police chief candidate

JAKARTA ( – The South Jakarta District Court on Monday has issued a verdict on the status of Budi Gunawan, the national police chief candidate, who has been declared as a suspect by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), prompting President Joko Widodo to hold his installment as national police chief.

Judge Sarpin Rizaldi said when reading the verdict that KPK’s decision to declare Budi Gunawan as suspect as “invalid”. Gunawan was accused by KPK to be implicated in corrupt cases. KPK, he said, has yet to disclose details of the cases .

President Joko Widodo is also under intense pressure from the public not to install Budi Gunawan as the police chief. On the other hand, Gunawan has got back-up from the ruling party, the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDIP), National Democratic Party (Nasdem) and other parties, as well as the Parliament members.

Some observers have said the pre-trial verdict does not necessarily means that President Joko Widodo should install Gunawan as the national police chief.

Certainly, President Joko Widodo is in difficult position. He is getting intense pressure, regardless of what his decision will be. (*)

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