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Pertamina, Akuo Energy team up to develop renewable energy projects

Wind power (photo: Akuo Energy)
Wind power (photo source: Akuo Energy)

JAKARTA ( – PT Pertamina, state owned oil and gas company, and Akuo Energy of France on Wednesday signed an agreement to develop new and renewable energy projects across the country.

The cooperation agreement was signed by Director for New and Renewable Energy of Pertamina Yenni Andayani and CEO of Akuo Energy Eric Scotto on Wednesday (Feb. 11).

The cooperation will focus on the development of wind, solar PV and Ocean Thermal Energy Convertion (OTEC).

Solar panels (photo: Akuo Energy)
Solar panels (photo: Akuo Energy)

Yenni said the steady development of Indonesia’s economy has triggered a rise in electricity demand of 8.5 percent per year since 2011. On the other hand, the government has targeted to increase the use of new and renewable energy in the country’s energy mix to 23 percent by 2025.

“Pertamina and Akuo Energy, through this cooperation, have a desire to support the government’s efforts in providing new and renewable electricity. We will identify which areas that will be suitable for the three types of renewable energy,” Yenni said.

Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (photo: Akuo Energy)
Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (photo: Akuo Energy)

The first project would be a solar power with capacity of 5 MW. Both parties agreed to kick off the project in 2016. In the next stage, Pertamina and Akuo Energy will develop 5 MW of Solar PV project and wind-power project.

Yenni added both parties have agreed to develop larger scale new and renewable energy projects in 2018, with a combined capacity of 560 MW, comprises of Wind, Solar PV and OTEC basis.

Akuo Energy is a France’s independent producer of renewable energy. In mid-2014, the company has 527 MW of capacity in facilities in operation or under construction. (*)

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