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Anas Urbaningrum gets 8 years in prison

JAKARTA (Rambu Energy) – Anas Urbaningrum, former Democratic Party chairman, was sentenced on Wednesday to eights years in prison for implicating in corruption and money laundering.

Panel of judges head of the Corruption Court (Tipikor) Haswandi said Anas Urbaningrum is proven to have been involved in corrupt acts and money laundering which were undertaken in several occasions.

The verdict is lower than the prosecutors’ demand for 15 years jail term. In addition to 8 years jail term, Anas Urbaningrum is also demanded by the court to return Rp57.5 billion  and US$5.2 million of the corrupted funds

Anas Urbaningrum is a former member of National Election Committee. His political carrier skyrocketed and rose to become head of Democratic Party. The panel of judges said Anas has misused his position to meddle into government project tenders. One of which was the construction of sport center in Hambalang, near Bogor, West Java.

Apart from Democratic Party chairman, Anas was also a member of House of Representative for the period of 2009-2014. His political carrier however was cut in short after Head of Advisory Board Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) forced him to step down for alleged implication in corrupt practices.

Anas Urbaningrum was found to have received money worth Rp2.2 billion from Adhi Karya, a state owned construction company as a kickback as well as Rp25.3 billion and US$5.225 million from Permai Group. He also found to have received Rp30 billion and US$5.225 million which were used to ‘fund’ his campaign to be elected as Democratic Party Chairman.

The judges also found that Anas Urbaningrum has also used the money to buy land and and building which is considered as ‘money laundering’.  (*)

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