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Indonesia posts month-on-month deflation of 0.02% in April

JAKARTA (Rambu Energy) – Indonesia posted deflation of 0.02 percent in the month of April from previous month (month-on-month), Central Bureau of Statistic says.

In the January-April period, Indonesia posted inflation of 1.39 percent. The statistic agency said year-on-year inflation in April stood at 7.25 percent.

“The month-on-month dflation shows that the price is under control,” said Suryamin,  BPC Chairman told reporters.
The deflation in April was driven by a decline of food prices such as rice, onion and others. The rice price declined as some parts of Indonesia is entering harvest season.

The deflation in April means that the concerned that the campaign to elect legislative members on April 9, 2014 seems to have limited impact on prices. (*)

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