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Indonesia Election Committee completes vote counting, PDIP gets highest vote

JAKARTA (Rambu Energy) – The Indonesian National Election Committee (KPU) finally completed the national vote counting for Legislative Election held on April 9, 2014 until the last minute. The applicable law has set May 9 as the last date to announce the final results.

Based on the plenary session meeting of KPU on late Friday (May 9), following is the final result of the Legislative Election:
1. National Democratic Party (Nasdem): 6.72%
2. National Awakening Party (PKB): 9.04%
3. Justice Party (PKS): 6.79%
4.(Indonesian Democratic Party Perjuangan (PDIP) 18.95%
5. Golkar Party: 14.75%
6.Great Indonesia Movement Party (Gerindra): 11.81%
7. Democratic Party (PD): 10.19%
8.National Mandate Party (PAN) 7.59%
9. United Development Party (PPP): 6.53%
10.People’s Conscience Party (Hanura): 5.26%
11. Crescent Star Party (PBB): 1.46%
12. Indonesian Justice and Unity Party (PKPI): 0.91%

Tjanjjo Kumolo, Secretary General of PDIP, said in closing speech that his party appreciates the works of the KPU in the current election, which is much better than in previous election. He admitted that the election process is not perfect yet, as there were problems on the ground such as people losing their votes and other issues.

Imam Nahrow, Secretary General of PKB, said his party accepted the final vote counting of KPU, but his party will file lawsuit with the Constitutional Court as his party, he claimed, has lost about 1 millions of votes.

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