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ELECTION UPDATE: Indonesia holds 1st Presidential Debate, focusing on Law, Human Rights, and Terrorism

President and Vice President Candidates Joko Widodo-Mar’uf Amin vs Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno

JAKARTA ( – Indonesia holds the first Presidential Election ahead of the 17 April Presidential Election, with a focus on law, human rights, corruption and terrorism.

The debate is held at the Bidakara building in South Jakarta which will be broadcast live through a number of televisions and online news sites. Acting as the moderator of the debate will be former news anchor Ira Koesno and political observer Imam Priyono.

The debate will be divided into six sessions. In the first session, each candidate will deliver their vision and mission with a combined duration of 21 minutes and 15 seconds.

In the second session, the two pairs will be asked questions about law and human rights. The pair will answer and respond to the questions. This will last for 24 minutes and 05 seconds.

In the third session, the moderators will ask questions which have been prepared in advance on corruption, terrorism. They will also respond to each other answers. The total duration is 23 minutes.

In the fourth session, one pair will ask the question to other pairs on law and human rights. Each pair will respond to the other parties question. This will last for 15 minutes and 05 seconds.

In the fifth session, each pair will ask questions about corruption and terrorism. The answer will be responded or commented by the pair that raised the questions. This will last for 8 minutes 55 seconds.

In the last session, each pair gives their closing statement that will last for 8 minutes and 55 seconds. (*)

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