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PROJECT UPDATE – Progress of Paus Biru-1 exploration well in Sampang PSC

JAKARTA ( – Cue Energy Resources Limited (ASX:CUE), through its 100% owned subsidiary Cue Sampang Pty Ltd, advises that the Paus Biru-1 exploration well in the Sampang PSC, Indonesia, has reached a total depth of 710mMD at 22.30 p.m. (local time) on Nov. 3, 2018.

The planned total depth (TD) was extended during drilling due to formation observations, Cue Energy said in a statement.

It said elevated gas readings were encountered through the Primary target Mundu Formation. It also sees positive indications of reservoir and hydrocarbon on LWD logs.

Following the preliminary interpretation of the logging while drilling, a full suite of wireline logs including the formation of wireline testing, which obtains formation pressures and fluid samples, will be run to further assess the interval.

Data obtained will help establish the fluid content, hydrocarbon columns and hydrocarbon saturation of possible reservoir intervals encountered, and to an extent, the permeability and producibility of these zones.

Sampang PSC
The Paus Biru prospect is located in the Sampang PSC, Indonesia, 27km east from the producing Oyong gas field. The Sampang PSC is operated by Santos of Australia.

Paus Biru-1, literally means Blue Whale, is in the process of testing a four-way dip structural closure targeting the Pliocene Mundu Formation analogous to the hydrocarbon producing zone in Oyong and Wortel gas fields.

The location of the well was determined based on recent 3D seismic mapping with visible amplitude anomalies.

Paus Biru-1 will fully evaluate the Paus Biru prospect and a comprehensive evaluation suite will be run on the well. Post drilling, the well will be plugged and abandoned in all outcomes.

If successful, a horizontal development well would be drilled at a later date and tied into Oyong and the Grati onshore gas processing facility.

Santos, as Operator of the PSC, will operate the drilling of the well. Santos has significant experience safely operating well drilling in the Sampang PSC and the adjoining Madura Offshore PSC, including 2 wells in 2016.

Participants in the Sampang PSC are:

Santos (Operator) 45%
Singapore Petroleum Company 40%
Cue 15%

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