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Indonesia government shakes up Pertamina board, CEO Elia Manik dismissed

JAKARTA ( – Minister for State Owned Enterprise Rini Soemarno on Friday (April 20) shakes up the board of directors of state energy company PT Pertamina, only weeks after oil leakage hit Balikpapan Bay in East Kalimantan. The decision was made at the company’s extraordinary shareholders meeting.

President Director of Pertamina Elia Massa Manik was dismissed from his post only 13 months after he was appointed to the post (March 2017). He was replaced by acting President Director Nicke Widyawati.

Deputy SOE Minister for Mining, Strategic Industries and Media Fajar Harry Sampurno said the dismissal of the CEO was decided based on the inputs from the board of commissioners.  He was replaced along with four other directors.

Media speculated that the shake-up was related with a number of crucial issues that hit Pertamina in recent months,  including lack of supply of subsidized Premium fuel and slow-response of oil leakage that hit Balikpapan Bay.

Sampurno admitted that the commissioners did raise the two issues, which were also taken into considerations in changing the Pertamina board.

The other directors who were replaced are Director for Mega-project, Processing and Petrochemical Ardy N. Mokobombang, Director for Processing Toharso, Director for Asset Management Dwi W. Daryoto and Director for Corporate Marketing  Muchamad Iskandar.

Tanri Abeng, the chief commissioner of Pertamina, said the decision was related with the changes of structure of Pertamina board, where marketing director post was split into three, namely Corporate Marketing, Retail Marketing and Supply Chain Infrastructure. This change, coupled with other issues such as the rise of oil price, slow progress of petrochemical mega projects and other issues, were among considerations behind the shake-up.

Harry Sampurno hopes the changes will enable Pertamina to move quicker.

Following is the complete list of Pertamina Directors board:

Acting President Director and also Director of Human Resources: Nicke Widyawati
Director for Processing: Budi Santoso Syarif
Director for Finance: Arief Budiman
Director of Corporate Marketing: Basuki Trikora Putra
Director of Retail Marketing: Masud Hamid
Director of Asset Management: M. Haryo Junianto
Director MPP: Heru Setiawan
Director for Infrastructure : Gandhi Sriwidjojo




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