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Indonesia’s PHE Abar strikes oil and gas reserves

JAKARTA ( – PHE Abar, a subsidiary of Pertammina Hulu Energi, has discovered gas reserves of 84 BSCF at Cisubuh and Parigi formation reservoir at measured  depth of 2,600 feet or 800 meters, following the drilling of Karunia 1-X exploration well. The well is located within working area Abar, north of PHE ONWJ block and to the east of OSES working area.

PHE Abar signed a contract to explore WK Abar on May 22, 2015. Since then, PHE Abar conducted geology and geophysics study as well as 2D sea seismic survey, which is followed by the drilling of an exploration well.

Theodorus Duma as the General Manager of PHE Abar said that the drilling of Karunia 1-X well began in the fourth quarter of 2017. The gas reserves was finally discovered at the depth of 2,600 feet. “PHE Abar manages to prove the potential from hazard to reserves, which was previously avoided,” he said.

The area was avoided as it is under the category of shallow gas hazard. In addition, PHE Abar managed to save 30% of the authority for expenditure and recorded zero fatality, zero incident and zero property damage with working hours totaling 246,669.

PHE Abar has earlier the projected a significant oil and gas reserves potential in the block, approximately 783 million barrels of oil (MMBO) and 2.3 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of gas.

In addition to Akbar Working Area, PHE was also awarded to explore Anggursi block, adjacent to the Abar block. Anggursi working area is now being explored by PHE Aggursi, a subsidiary of PHE.

In January this year, Elsa Regent vessel owned by ELusa conducted 2D survey along 4,000 km.

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