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Renewables, fastest growing energy source in 2016, BP data shows

JAKARTA ( – Renewable energy sources were the fastest growing energy source in 2016. Excluding hydroelectric power, renewable energy grew by 12% last year, BP annual statistical data shows.

“While below the 10-year average rate of growth for renewables of 15.7%, this still represented the largest annual incremental increase in output on record (an increase of 55Mtoe – more than the decline in coal consumption),” it said in a statement.

Renewables now provide a share of just under 4% of primary energy.

More than half of growth in renewable power came from wind, which rose by 16% in the year. Solar energy grew by 30%.

“Despite solar energy making up only 18% of renewables output, growth in solar represented around a third of the overall growth in renewable power,” it said.

In 2016, China became the world’s largest single producer of renewable power, overtaking the US, and Asia Pacific overtook Europe & Eurasia to become the largest producing region for renewable power. (*)

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