Over 200 Biomass buyers- sellers to convene in Tokyo for 8th Biomass Pellets Trade & Power Summit

JAKARTA (RambuEnergy.com)–  Over 200 Biomass buyers and sellers will convene in Tokyo for a biomass pellets trade and power summit on 15-18 May, the 8th edition of renowned Biomass Pellets Trade & Power summit. The summit is expected to provide the latest updates on North Asia’s biomass capacities, raw material imports, feedstock price trends and stiff competition between wood chips/pellet sellers from SE Asia, Europe and North America.

Japan and South Korea’s strong buying demand for wood pellets to feed its existing and new biomass power capacities coming on-stream have led to increase in spot wood pellet prices and sellers vying for a share of these markets. Aptly, the Tokyo summit calls on Japan’s key biomass producers — IPP eRex, that is expected to purchase 300,000 tons of palm shells and biofuel this year, to discuss its expectations on biomass requirements and Sumitomo Corporation, that has an upcoming 50MW biomass plant, to share about Japan’s demand and imports of wood pellets, wood chips and PKS.

Hanyang Corporation is scheduled to address South Korea’s biomass power market, while China Renewable Energy Industry Association and Indufor will provide opportunities in mainland China and Taiwan, Centre for Management Technology (CMT), which organizes the summit, said.

Stakeholders from the biomass sellers’ side at the summit are — PKS trader Asia Resource Partners, Thailand’s BioPellets, Canada’s wood pellet producer/distributor Pinnacle Renewable Energy, USA’s Enviva, Baltics’ Graanul Invest as well as Australia’s Altus Renewables — with many of them expected to join a ‘Global Wood Pellet Producers Panel’ discussing top wood pellet supply regions of 2016 and insights into pellet pricing.

There will also a discussion on ‘sustainable pellet supplies to Asian markets’ as well as pellet pricing competition between North America, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

Other speakers at the summit are IHI Corporation, Hawkins Wright, Malaysia Biomass Industries Confederation, Ata Marie Group, Fuji Biomass Energy, US Industrial Pellet Association (USIPA), Voyage Power Fuji Keizai and Argus Media.

This 2017 summit features two pre-conference workshops — ‘Experience in Large Scale Co-Firing &  with Various Biomass Types’ and ‘From Residues to Plantations: Changes in Biomass Supply & Sourcing to Meet the North Asian Demand’. (*)

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