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Indonesia trade surplus widens to USD1.39 billion in January

JAKARTA ( – Indonesia recorded a trade surplus of USD1.39 billion in January 2017, widened from USD990 million December 2016, supported by an increase of non-oil and gas exports, the Central Bureau of Statistic (BPS) announced on Thursday (Feb 16).

In January, Indonesia’s exports reached US$13.38 billion, rose 27.71% from January 2016 (year-on-year/yoy), but down 3.21% from previous month.

The Head of BPS Kecuk Suhariyanto said a pick up of exports was partly driven by a rise of commodity prices, such as coal.

The BPS data showed that non oil and gas exports reached USD12.11 billion, increased 29.24% from the same month last year, but down 3.75 from December.

The largest non-oil and gas exports were processing industrial product, which increased 26.27% yoy, agriculture products (up 11.67% yoy) and mining product exports (up 50.37%).

In December 2016, Indonesia booked exports of USD13.829 billion in December last year. A decline of exports from previous month was driven by a decline of non-oil and gas exports by 3.70% to USD12.113 million from US$12.579 billion in previous month.

Exports of oil and gas, however, rose 1.72% to USD1.271 billion from USD1.25 billion in December.

The largest non-oil and gas export markets in the month were China valued at USD1.55 billion, followed by USA USD1.43 billion and India USD1.32 billion in the third place. The exports to these three countries made up 35.46% of Indonesia’s exports value in January. Exports to EU (28 countries) amounted to USD1.37 billion.

Meanwhile, the value of imports in January was USD11.99 billion, rose 14.45% year on year, but fell 6.21% from December. Non oil and gas imports in the month reached US$10.18 billion, up 10.12% from January 2016, but down 8.12% in December.

Oil and gas imports in January amounted to USD1.81 billion, rose 48.03% from the same month last year, and also increased 6.25% from December.

Indonesia mainly imported non-oil and gas from China, valued at USD2.92 billion, followed by Japan USD1.03 billion and Thailand USD0.65 billion.

Imports from ASEAN countries represented 19.56% of total imports in January, while imports from the 28 EU countries represented 9.59% of total imports. (*)


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