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Hidro Turbine Indonesia produces water turbine for mini hydro power plants

JAKARTA ( – In a move to encourage domestic products being used in hydro power plants, alumni of Bandung Institute of Technology (IA-ITB) through Bahtera project has produced water turbine that will be used in mini hydro projects.

The water turbine is produced by Hidro Turbine Indonesia, a company owned by three ITB alumni. On Saturday, Bahtera project and PLN for West Java Distribution signed memorandum of understading (MoU), witnessed by a number of ministers, to develop mini-hydro power plant with capacity of 2×2 MW in Garut, West Java.

The project is expected to be completed within two years.

Marketing Director of Hidro Turbin Indonesia (HITI) Ismaryanto said the mini hydro power plant will supply its electricity to PLN West Java.

Ismayarto said many water turbine used in mini hydro power plants with capacity of below 10 MW are still imported. Therefore, local products need to be developed to reduce dependency on imported products.

The government is currently developing an ambitious 35 GW program. Portion of that would be renewable energy, including hydro power plants. (*)

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